Ride Vision develops an automated driver assistance system designed specifically for motorbikes, utilizing advanced computer vision and AI algorithms. Its Collision Aversion Technology (CAT) is a fusion of artificial intelligence (neural networks) and computer vision designed to seamlessly integrate with the motorcycles, utilizing only standard cameras as visual sensors.


Silib is a revolutionary startup in the EV batteries domain. The company develops a novel pure silicon anode for Li-ion batteries. Silib anodes can improve Li-ion battery capacity by over 40% allowing energy density of over 1000Wh/L. Silib unique process allows manufacturing of pure silicon anode in a simple single stage process without the use of any catalysts, precious metals or binders. The anodes can be use in any cell format as a drop in replacement for graphite based anodes


ALGOLiON is reshaping lithium rechargeable battery prognostics with its early warning hazard detection and prevention software for the mobility, energy, and electronics markets.
The technology extends the advance warning time of battery fires from the seconds available today, to days. AlgoShield protects your products, the people who use them and your bottom line by lowering warranty costs and exposure to liabilities. AlgoShield keep your battery powered products running safely.

ADAM Cogtech

ADAM CogTech is focused on providing software solutions for the measurement and enhancement of human cognitive performance for safety-critical operations such as driving and human–machine cooperation.
The ADAM DETECT non-intrusive system is able to measure the driver’s cognitive resources, including early indications of cognitive impairment due to alcohol, substance abuse, fatigue, and any combination thereof.


Click-Ins is an artificial intelligence-based SaaS vehicle damage detection and assessment platform for the insurance and automotive industries. The solution is designed to automatically detect, analyze, and process vehicle damage with high precision and consistency without the need for special equipment or skilled personnel.

Ki Mobility

Ki Mobility Solutions is the largest  online digital platform in the Indian automotive aftermarket industry. It is a unique digital platform that is Completely disrupting supply chain across segments like end-customers (two-Wheelers, passenger cars & commercial vehicles), garages and retailers thereby Creating India’s largest automotive aftermarket ecosystem. Today, Ki Mobility Solutions consists of two live platforms – Parts Platform and Service Platform.


Carteav provides a safe autonomous low-speed vehicle solution. It is aimed toward people and goods transportation in geo-fenced low-speed areas such as resorts, hotels, retirement communities, neighborhoods, factories, and airports. Carteav’s solution enables significant cost savings with safety and simple service management.


CaPow is a true wireless power delivery ecosystem for autonomous robotics at logistics centers and last-mile delivery. CaPow’s seamless power flow disengages the world’s dependence on cables and connectors for power distribution, eliminates the reliance on Lithium-based energy sources and provides 100% uptime for the robots


Clearly was founded to decelerate climate change and decarbonize the mobility industry. The company’s carbon reduction software delivers trip-level data that provides tools and actionable insights to drive down carbon emissions. Clearly’s real-time, cost-effective solution is designed to help businesses and financial institutions identify and finance carbon reduction plans at scale.

DriveU Auto

DriveU’s open connectivity platform enables remote operations of autonomous vehicles using cellular bonding with multiple modems.
The platform provides a high-speed, low-latency, and reliable link via cellular bonding, including 4K video, audio, high-speed data, and two-way control. The platform can also be used to provide a high-quality internet connection for infotainment to passengers or for other uses.
The solution can be provided as embedded software, hardware module, or service including APIs for integration in the vehicle and to the command-and-control center/remote driver stations. The solution is already used on public roads by DriveU’s customers.

Connected Insurance

Connected Insurance specializes in data-driven insurance solutions tailored to the future of mobility. The company offers digital platforms to manage risk, lower costs, and identify profitable business paths. It also assists insurers in designing data-driven insurance products for the sharing economy and helps brokers create competitive products.
Partnerships with industry leaders such as Swiss Re and Apollo Syndicate Management Ltd highlight the company’s commitment to evolving the insurance industry and addressing complex risk exposures with modern, digital solutions.

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